Monday, August 9, 2010


Well we did it. 3,724 miles later we have arrived in Raleigh!! It was a super easy drive from Asheville today. Took about 4 hours. Rhett was really excited to get back to his old stomping grounds.
So we'll be living with Rhett's brother for a few months until we get Rhett's house remodeled. His brother just bought a new condo and it's right in the heart of downtown, one block from Rhett's new office, so it works out perfectly.
Now the fun of unpacking begins! Uggghhhh :)
It's gonna be a big transition for Joe here in the south. He went for a run this evening and there are so many dang bugs here and they are BIG and LOUD. And Joe's not a fan of big bugs so...he might have some adventurous encounters.
Also, we had lunch in Asheville before heading out, and it's so strange for Joe to keep hearing these thick country accents. He thought people only talked like that in the movies lol. Just wait till he starts talking like that!
We hope you all enjoyed following out journey across the country. We had an amazing time and saw so many great things and met a lot of great people along the way.
We will miss all of our friends back west (or wherever you are) but we'll be back to visit and you know how to get ahold of us! And keep watching for pics. We've posted quite a few on Facebook but we have more that need to go up.
Guess that's it. It's been an amazing journey. Thanks for reading. :)

Joe & Rhett

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